Founded by Kristina Muvceski, Certified Yoga Instructor and doula, in 2012.  Providing services and resources specializing in Perinatal Health & Wellness . Now offering prenatal yoga, placenta encapsulation, Bengkung belly binding, infant massage instruction & more!

Kristina is a happily married, mother of two (a 10-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter).  She is passionate about perinatal health and providing care to prenatal and postnatal moms and their families. 

Supporting Volusia , Flagler, Seminole, Brevard, & Orange Counties.


"I really enjoyed Kristina's prenatal yoga class! The pace and postures were great for me, and Kristina's instruction was wonderful.  I really felt the classes helped me have a great pregnancy!!!" - Rebecca S.


"I was in attendance for Kristina’s prenatal yoga as well as her postpartum teachings. Kristina has a great presence and compassion which makes her a natural teacher. I developed more confidence and valuable information I could use not only for labor, but for the rest of my life. I absolutely recommend Kristina and look forward to future yoga training with her."            - Lindsay I.                            

"Kristina is such a caring, compassionate teacher. Her classes are invaluable and I always leave feeling so refreshed.   She is a talented yogi, who's classes are extremely informative and supportive.   Kristina always finds the perfect balance between zen and fun, which makes practicing with her so addictive!" - Shona T.

"Kristina was always there for me, supporting me in the ways I needed most.  I suffered greatly off my medication for arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. She helped me through these concerns weekly, instructing private prenatal yoga lessons.  At my birth, I brought a birth ball at her suggestion. It made things 100 times easier compared to laboring with my first, while in bed with an epidural.  She was my doula as well, and helped me through laboring without an epidural this time around, which was my main goal. I'm so proud of that! Her frozen lavender cloths were the bomb. The nurses even commented on it being the room to chill out in!  She played calming music to keep the room as relaxing as possible. She has such a soothing voice... She's such an angel. My husband originally wasn't thrilled on the idea of having her there in the room. Now for our next baby, he said he doesn't want to do it again without her! Yes, thanks to her life changing support we decided we are going to have another baby after stating we were done.
Kristina also came out to check on me postpartum and gave a lesson in baby massage. She provided me with additional breastfeeding support, too. I was having issues with getting my baby to latch. Now, after her support and guidance I have myself who we call, jokingly, a "boob monster”.  Kristina became one of the most important people to walk into my life! Seriously - you cannot put a price on the service she provided us."  Jennifer M.

Breastfeeding Basics(coming soon)

    Babywearing for Beginners (coming soon)

Carseat Safety 101(coming soon)